Adding multiple contour cut types to a single design

For this tutorial, you must have the Design Central Window showing. If you do not see the Design Central Window, at the top of your Flexi window, click on the option for "view" and then choose "Design Central" or use the keyboard command CTRL I.

Step 1.

Select your design.

Then, select (1.) "effects" from the top of the Flexi Window and (2.) "contour cut". 1.png

Step 2.

Adjust the margin (1.) and take note of the Contour Cut color (2.) by hovering your mouse over the color box at the bottom of your design central window. 

Click on the green checkbox at the bottom of your design central window to apply the first Contour Cut. 


Step 3.

Make sure that your design is still selected. 

Then, select "effects" from the top of the Flexi Window and "contour cut" again. 


Step 4. 

In this step, you can choose to change the Contour Cut shape. 

Contour: Following the border of the selected design (as long as the design is transparent or vector artwork). 

Rectangle: Creates a Rectangle around the design. 

Ellipse: Creates an Ellipse around the design. 

For this demonstration, we went with "Rectangle" for the second Contour Cut. 


Step 5.

After selecting the shape of your contour cut, we will differentiate the second Contour Cut from the first by changing the Contour Cut "color". To do this, click on the aforementioned color box at the bottom of your design central window. 



And scroll down until you see the options containing "CutContour" in the name. Here you will choose a different color then what was selected for the first contour cut. For this demonstration, we went with PerfCutContour. Click the green checkbox at the bottom of your Design Central window to apply the second Contour Cut. 


Step 6. 

With both the Contour Cuts (with separate Contour Cut colors) applied to your design. Click on the "Rip & Print" button to move onto the next step.  


Step 7. 

Select the Contour tab.

If done correctly, you will see multiple Contour Cut colors. By default each color will have the same cut parameters. Select the option you would like to change the cut parameters on, and then click on "edit". 



Step 8. 

Under the tab "before job" click on the dropdown menu to select another cut type. 




For this demonstration, we went with "FlexCut Accurate" for our Summa T series cutter, if you are using a different machine, your options under this menu may differ.



Click on (1.) Apply and then (2.) OK 


Step 9. 

In the screenshot below we can now see that CutContour is set to Tangential Knife and PerfCutContour is set to "Flexcut Accurate". Depending on your selected cutter, you may have alternative cut parameters under the "Job Options" field shown below. (For some cutters the "job options" tab will not be used. Apply your cut parameters under the "before job" window from the previous step).  And then move on to step 10. 



Set the preset to match the option chosen under the "before job" tab from step 8. 




In this case, FlexCut Accurate. Set your pressure settings the desired parameters. 


Step 10.

With your Cut Contour colors set with the appropriate parameters for your print & cut job, you are ready to send the job to the production manager. 

(The color that is first in this list will cut first, you can use the up and down arrows to change the cut order.)


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