Rectangle/Page Contour Cut Marks

This feature is design only and is not relevant to registration marks applied in RIP & Print for contour cutting.

The Page Contour Cut Mark allows you to set Registration Marks relative to a page, to later fill up with contour cut objects.

The Rectangle to Contour Cut Mark works the same way, allowing you select an existing Rectangle Object. It must be an object created with the Rectangle Tool in order to work.

 To use:

  • Set your desired page size in DesignCentral
  • Go to Effects > Page Contour Cut Mark or Rectangle To Contour Cut Mark.


  • Select the type of registration mark from the drop down list
  • Enter in the distance from the edge of the page
  • Optional: click options for further adjustments


Mark Length Set the length of the registration mark
Thickness Set the thickness of the registration mark
X Direction Set which side of the page will be considered the X direction. This will affect where the barcode will be added.
Expanded cutting area Allows contour cut objects to be placed outside of the registration marks.
Use reversed color Registration Marks This will print a black square around the registration mark and will keep the registration mark in white.
Margin Specify the margin for the square around the registration mark
Size Displays the final size of the reversed color registration mark
Use Barcode Enable or disable barcode
Barcode Length Choose the length of the barcode
Note Add text to be printed with the barcode. The maximum length is 35 ASCII characters
Barcode Link Info Displays the barcode link info. This is the number that is recognized by the cutter when cutting the page
Reset Restore all options to the default settings
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