Contour Cut Lines

Contour Cut creates one or more lines around bitmap, vector, and text objects. These lines are designated as cut lines for a cutter. If you have a hybrid device (printer with cutting capabilities), you can print and cut using the same machine.

To allow Contour Cut to trace the outline of objects in a bitmap, make the background of the image transparent using the Make Transparent function. Otherwise, the effect will only trace around the outside of the bitmap. 

Creating a Contour Cut around an object

  • Select the desired objects.
  • From the Effects menu, select Contour Cut.
  • Alternatively, select the Contour Cut option from the Main Toolbar
    mceclip24.png                        mceclip23.png

The Contour Cut tab as it appears in DesignCentral for Contour, Rectangle, and Ellipse modes.

mceclip0.png        mceclip8.png        mceclip22.png

  • Adjust the parameters in DesignCentral, or drag the Control Point on the Contour Cut line. 
  • Click Apply.

To create multiple Contour Cuts around objects, repeat the above steps.

You can set different actions or colors for each contour path in the Contour tab of the RIP and Print dialog box.

Adjusting a Contour Cut

mceclip2.png Selects the type of Contour Shape. Options are Contour, Rectangle, and Ellipse.
Contour mode

       Rectangle mode               Ellipse mode

mceclip1.png Selects the Stroke (line) Style of your contour cut. To create a custom cut line, choose Edit from the dropdown menu.



Opens the Customize Line Styles dialog box. Lets you modify an existing line style by adjusting the dash and gap widths.
Add Adds a new line style to the Customize Line Styles dialog box.
Update Allows you to make adjustments to the Dash and Gap parameters. Click to save the changes.
Remove Permanently deletes a customized line style from the Customized Line Styles list.
mceclip4.png Specifies the Offset distance from the object to the cutting line. Negative values can be entered, allowing you to make a contour cut line inside the design. This prevents misalignments during the printing and cutting process (only available in Contour mode).
To manually adjust the contour offset using a handle:

1. Reference Location

Specifies where the Offset distance will be measured from. Drag this point around the design and drop it where you want the Offset distance to originate from.
2. Offset distance Specifies the distance between the Offset point and the Reference Location.
3. Offset point Adjusts the offset distance. Drag this point toward or away from the contour cut line to specify the offset distance.
mceclip9.png Specifies the width of the contour shape (not available in Contour mode).
mceclip10.png Specifies the height of the contour shape (not available in Contour mode).
mceclip20.png When checked, ensures that the cutting line will be resized proportionally when you change its height or width. (Not available in Contour mode.)
mceclip21.png When checked, all holes in the selected objects will have an inner contour cut line (only available in Contour mode).
mceclip11.png mceclip12.png
Contour with Holes Contour without Holes
mceclip13.png Specifies the color of the selected contour. CutContour and PerfCutContour colors are compatible with VersaWorks.
EffectContourCutJoint.png Joint Type. Selects how the corners will be contoured. Options are Round, Bevel, and Square.

Transforming Objects into a Cutting Line

If you need a cutting line with a special shape, you can create a vector object and transform it into a cutting line.

Once you convert an object into a cutting line, its outline color will change to a light gray, indicating that it has been converted to a cutting line, and its fill color will change to Transparent. Even after being converted to a cutting line, the object will retain its original attributes.

  • Select the desired object.
  • From the Arrange menu, point to Contour Cut and select Make Contour Cut.
    mceclip17.png  mceclip19.pngmceclip18.png
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