Color Trapping

The Color Trapping effect removes most of the overlapping material between objects. The effect leaves enough overlapping material to ensure that no gaps will exist between the objects, even if the registration is slightly off.

Original objects (Show Fill is off) Objects after Color Trapping


Applying Color Trapping

  • Select the desired objects.
  • From the Effects menu, select Color Trapping.
    • The Color Trapping tab appears in DesignCentral.
  • Adjust the parameters in DesignCentral.
    • Choke/spread distance : Specifies the amount of overlap distance.

    • Light to Dark/ Dark to Light Selects whether the trapping will be performed from light-to-dark colors or vice versa.
    • Include Strokes : When checked, causes color trapping to be applied to the object strokes.

  • Click Apply. mceclip1.png
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