Your software allows you to place inlines, outlines, or contour lines around any object.

Outline EffectOutline.png A closed path created around the outer edges of a selected object and inside holes, such as the inside of closed letters (a, o, etc.)
Contour EffectOutlineContour.png An outline without holes
Inline EffectInline.png A closed path created around the inner edge of a selected object
The term "outline" in this article refers to Inlines, Outlines, and Contours.

Applying Outlines Effect

  • Select the objects that the effects will be applied to.
  • From the Effects menu, select Outline.
    • In DesignCentral - the Outline tab appears.
  • Adjust the parameters in DesignCentral or drag the control points.
  • Click Apply.

Adjusting Outlines Using DesignCentral

When outlines are applied to objects, the following attributes can be adjusted in DesignCentral.

mceclip1.png Selects the effect type. The options are Outline, Inline, and Contour.
mceclip2.png Sets the width of the outline.
mceclip3.png Sets the distance between the outline and the object, and extra outlines
mceclip4.png Specifies the number of outlines.

Interpolate Color. Lets you to choose between using the same color for each generated outline or creating a "gradient" of colors for each outline.

You need to choose more than one outline in the # field for this to work.

Outlines with same color                       Gradient Outlines
EffectOutlineBacking.png Allows you to create a backing behind the original object or leave it transparent. This option is only available when the Offset Distance between outlines is zero.
EffectOutlineColor.png Specifies the outline color.
EffectOutlineJoinType.png Selects the appropriate Join Type option to specify how corners will be outlined.
EffectOutlineRoudJoin.png EffectOutlineBevelJoin.png EffectOutlineMiterJoin.png
Round Join Type Bevel Join Type Miter Join Type
EffectOutlineMiterLimit.png Miter Limit. Controls the sharpness of the corners.
EffectOutlineCapStype.png mceclip5.png EffectOutlineSquareCap.png EffectOutlineButCap.png
Round Cap Style Square Cap Style Butt Cap Style
mceclip6.png When checked, the original object will be retained with the outline. When cleared, only the outline will be retained. The original object will be deleted.
mceclip8.pngmceclip7.png When you create an outline or make changes, use these to apply to remove the effect.


Adjusting Outlines Using Control Points

When you apply an outline, a reference line is displayed with control points. You can adjust some of the attributes by dragging the control points.

  • Click and drag the Width point to change the outline width.
  • Click and drag the Offset point to change the gap between outlines.
  • Click and drag the Reference Location point to change the position of the Reference line over the object where the outline is applied.


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