Full Screen (Flexi Complete)

A new feature within Flexi Complete is support for full screen mode, allowing you to really lock in on
the design process. Full screen has options for two different modes; Full Screen & Full
Screen with Menu.

How can I access the Full Screen view in Flexi Complete?

There are several ways to enable Full Screen view.
The first option is going to be in the Menu Bar under the View dropdown menu. Here we will
notice a new option labeled "View Mode" that will allow you to choose between; Standard, Full
Screen, and Full Screen with menu. More on what each option means later on.



Another option to get to Full Screen is to right click anywhere in the design workspace to bring
up your context menu. At the top of the context menu is a new option for "View Mode". Again this
will allow you to choose between; Standard, Full Screen, and Full Screen with menu.


Full Screen Shortcuts

Full Screen - (F11) 
Full Screen with Menu - (F12)


What is the Difference between these two Options?

The biggest difference between the Full Screen and Full Screen with Menu options are going to
be how you navigate around your toolbars.


Full Screen View Mode:

In Full Screen View Mode you will first notice a new dialogue box, Full Screen Manager, in the
top left corner of the workspace. You may also notice that this is a focus mode; menu bar,
toolbars, color pallets, and the cloud window will all be hidden initially. These will all be able to
be added using Full Screen Manager.



To add toolbars or color pallets, simply Right Click on the Full Screen Manager and select which
toolbars or color pallets you wish to be shown.



Full Screen with Menu View Mode:

In the Full screen with Menu View Mode you will notice that the top bar that contains: File, Edit,
View, Arrange, Text, Effects, Bitmap, Window, and Help is contained at the top. Similar to Full
Screen View Mode the Toolbars, Color Pallets, and Cloud window are hidden.


Adding Toolbars
To add back our toolbars we are going to locate the View dropdown menu and find the option for
Toolbars. You will want to check off the Toolbars you wish to add to the View, when finished
press Done. (Tip: You can also press Ctrl + T to open this option with shortcuts).


Adding Color Pallets

To show Color pallets we are going to follow the same steps as adding Toolbars. Go to View on
the menu bar. This time look for the option called Swatch Table.

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