Flexi Design Basic Elements


Main Menu: These menus contains the bulk of your Flexi tools, options, and settings.

Main Toolbar: This toolbar contains some of the basic and elementary functions of Flexi, such as your pointer/cursor, text, basic shapes, and point/path editing for starters.

For all toolbars, you can hover over an option or tool for its name. If it has a shortcut, it will show in parentheses (in this case, the R key on your keyboard will grab the Rectangle Tool). 


If a tool on the toolbar has a black triangle in the corner, you can click and hold for a flyout with more tools.


Additionally, on the edge of each toolbar, you can click and drag the dots on the edge to move the toolbar. This allows you customize the locations of your toolbars.

If you release the toolbar over the design area, it will instead be a floating window. You can click and drag the title bar of this window back over your toolbars to dock it again.

Standard Toolbar: Has various shortcuts such as saving, loading, and importing, printing and cutting dialogue boxes, undo/redo functions, Design Central/Fill Stroke, and more.

View Toolbar: Settings for zooming and out, as well as some tools to move around the artboard quickly.

Ruler: The ruler gives you a frame of reference and allows you to know how large certain objects are.

Artboard: The space where you can design

Swatch Table: A quick and convenient selection for adding or changing the color, gradient, or pattern of an object. Colors, patterns, and gradients can be created and stored here.

Cursor XY Position: The current XY coordinate of your cursor

Design Central: Whenever you select a tool in Flexi, Design Central will change to give you additional options and settings relative to the tool.

Fill/Stroke Editor: Settings for the fill color for an object as well as the stroke around it.

Document Border: Another frame of reference if you are working within a constrained area. The Document Border and background is never printed and is adjustable in size and color.

Stroke and Fill Type:  A quick reference for the current Stroke or Fill setting.

Cloud Window: Links for the SAi Cloud features and services. This will appear differently depending on the Flexi Product you have.

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