Toolbar Basics

Toolbars are a set of commands grouped according to their function.


The Standard toolbarStandard_Toolbar.png

Showing or Hiding a Toolbar

  • From the View menu, select Toolbars. (or press Ctrl+T)
  • Select the checkboxes of the desired toolbars.
  • Click Done.


  • Right-click on the icons of a docked or floating toolbar.
  • From the menu, select or deselect the toolbars that you want to show or hide.
    (Note: this menu may be different depending on which Flexi product you have.)


Moving a Toolbar

To move a tool bar, click and hold the set of dots at the end of the toolbar and drag it to a new location. If that new location is on the edge of the artboard, it will dock there. If you put beneath or to the side of an existing tool bar, it will expand the space automatically.  It will also automatically rotate if you change from the sides to the top or bottom and vice versa. 

Moving the view Toolbar...            To the Side:

Move1.png                                        Move2.png

To the Top:                                                 To the Bottom:

Move3.png       Move4.png

Undocking a Toolbar

There are two ways to undock a toolbar.

  1. Drag the toolbar to move it from its docked position (not the buttons.)
  2. Double-click the toolbar (not the buttons.)

You can then The shape of a floating toolbar can be adjusted by dragging its borders.

Undocking the Main toolbar



Docking a Floating Toolbar

There are two ways to dock a toolbar.

  1. Double-click the title bar of a floating toolbar (not the buttons.)
  2. Drag the toolbar by its title bar outside the  (not the buttons.)

When you drag a toolbar, it displays a thick, hatched outline. When the toolbar reaches a docking site, the outline turns thin and solid.

Using Flyouts and Tear-off Palettes

On many of the tools on a tool bar, you'll notice a little arrow in the corner. This an indicator that there is flyout with more tools. To open a tool's flyout, simply click and hold. You can then release and select the tool you want to use. Once you click a tool, the flyout will close and you'll notice the tool will update to the most recently selected tool.


Flyout indicator                                         Flyout

Flyout1.png                      Flyout2.png


You can turn the flyout into a tear-off palette by dragging the tool out into the artboard. It will persist until you close it.


Tear-off palette of the Shapes tool


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