Saving Documents

From the File menu, select Save or Save as. This will save it as a Flexi Document with an .fs File Extension, not as another file type (such as .pdf or .jpg). For other file types, use the Export feature (see: Exporting Files and File Types)


Alternatively, click the Save button on the Standard Toolbar


If you select Save as, or you are saving the document for the first time, a dialog box is displayed. Enter the name and the location that will be used to save the document and click Save.


The .fs File Type

The .fs file type is a proprietary file type unique to Flexi. It is not in an image or postscript format for web browsers or other programs to use. The advantage of the .fs file is that it saves much more information relevant to your job than just the artwork. Other information and settings saved in an .fs file include:

  • RIP & Print settings
  • Job and Customer Information (Edit > Job Info...)
  • Job Estimation
  • Input ICC Profile types
  • Artboard border settings including size and color
  • Contour Cut options and settings
  • Design element settings unique to Flexi
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