Navigator View

Navigator View allows you to view your entire document and specify which portion to display.

To show the Navigator View, from the View menu, select Navigator View.Navigator.png

Navigator View works in relation to the border of your document at the center of the artboard. If you cannot see all of your art in the Navigator, you can resize the Navigator View window by clicking and dragging on the window's edge.

There are a few ways to use the Navigator.

  • Click and drag in the hatched space; you'll create a box. The program will then zoom onto the artboard matching the rectangle you've created.
  • Click and drag the box in the Navigator View window. You will drag the view wherever you move it
  • Click and drag the handles on the box in the window. You can adjust the width or height of your view. Do note, however, that it will readjust the shape of the box to match the size of the artboard on your screen.


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