Showing Object Fill or Wireframe

Show Object Fill is a quick way to preview all of your vectors, especially when they are layered or overlapped. Note that this does NOT convert all objects to wireframe, this is explicitly for viewing purposes.

You can find it on your View Toolbar. Double-click the Fill Mode tool and you can select the desired Wireframe option.

Show_Fill_Tool.png          mceclip0.png


Or you can locate it in your Main Menu

  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  • Click Tools tab.
  • Select Show Fills in the list.
  • Select the desired Wireframe option.
  • Click OK.

mceclip1.png    mceclip2.png

When the Show Fill option is enabled, every vector object is displayed with its fill. When disabled, only the outline will be visible.

To show or hide the fill, from the View menu, select Show Fills.



When Show Fills is disabled, the outlines can be displayed using the following modes:


Show Fills Enabled Show Fills Disabled (Show Fill Color)





Show Fills Disabled (Show Layer Color) Show Fills Disabled (Show Path Direction)
ShowFillLayers_374x182.png ShowFillPathDir_374x177.png


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