Previewing Objects While Editing

Showing Preview

When Show Preview is on, a copy of the object is displayed as it is being edited or moved . When this option is off, an outline representing the bounding of the object is displayed. Performing memory-intensive operations in complex objects may slow the system performance when Show Preview is on. Turning it off will improve performance.

To show or hide the preview, from the View menu, select Show Preview.



Below, we are clicking and dragging an object. With preview on, the object will appear as if it is moving with the mouse. With Preview Off, the object is staying in position and a red outline of the image is being shown in its place.

Show Preview on:                                                Show Preview off:

PreviewOn.png           PreviewOff.png


Previewing Bitmaps

You can display or hide bitmap images. The bitmap data is still there, but if you are having performance issues with Flexi due to large or complicated bitmap images, this function might help.

To show or hide a bitmap, from the View menu, select Preview Bitmaps.


Preview Bitmap On                                      Preview Bitmap Off

mceclip3.png      mceclip5.png


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