Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Undo and Redo can greatly help your design workflow as you iterate on a design when you want to make changes or if you make a mistake. They are easy to master and quick to use.

Undoing and Redoing

Undo will do the last step. You can continuously undo to go further back. If you decide you went to far, you can Redo to go forward the same way.

Undoing and Redoing is easy:

  • Just like most other Windows applications the Ctrl+Z (undo) and Ctrl+Y (redo) shortcuts work here. You can use them repeatedly to advance backward and forward.
  • Alternatively, you can find the Undo and Redo options on your Main Toolbar: 
  • From the Edit menu, you can find Undo and Redo.

Undoing and Redoing Multiple Steps

Instead of undoing just the last operation, you can undo or redo a sequence of steps. If you want to see a list of Undos and Redos, you can find Undo Multiple and Redo Multiple on the main tool bar. They look like the undo icons with 3 dots beneath them. You can also find them in the edit menu as seen above.


When you click on it, a small window will appear with a timeline of actions you've taken. You can scroll down and select an action. The timeline will highlight down to the action. If you're not sure which exact action occurred in the timeline of actions, you'll notice that as you select an action, the artwork will show a preview of what point the art was at during the action timeline. The artwork will not actually Undo or Redo until you click OK.

mceclip1.png     mceclip2.png

Adjusting the Number of Undo actions

If you often feel that you can't go back far enough in the timeline for the Undo function, you can adjust that by going to Edit > Preferences. Note that the more actions the Undo Multiple timeline, the more RAM Flexi will require, which could impact performance depending on your computer hardware.

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png



If you wish to repeat an action multiple times, you can do so quickly using the Repeat function in the Edit Menu. Ctrl+D is the default shortcut for repeating.


The Repeat function is limited in what it can do, however. Only the following commands can be repeated:

  • Moving objects

  • Duplicating objects

  • Scaling objects

  • Applying effects

When repeating the above commands, it will repeat them at the same size or increments. 

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