Zoom Toolbar

The Zoom tools on the Zoom Toolbar change the magnification of items within the design area to allow you to see more or less detail. This does not change the output size.

You will find all of these tools on the View Toolbar, which is by default on the left side:


By default, the cursor will return to the previously selected tool after using these tools. You must reselect a zooming and panning tool each time you want to use it. A list of shortcuts for these options can be found at the end of the article.


Zoom Tool

Click and drag to zoom in on the selected area. The area will zoom in to fit the artboard.


Zoom In

Adjusts the center of the view to twice the size of the current view.


Zoom to Document

Adjusts the view size to fit the design area size.


Zoom Out

Adjusts the center of the view to half the size of the current view.


Zoom to Previous

Switches the view to the previous magnification.


Zoom to Selection

Adjusts the view size to fit the selected objects.


Zoom to All Objects

Adjusts the view size to fit all existing objects.


Zoom to Actual Size

Adjusts the view to actual size.


Pan View

Pans the view position. 


Fill Mode

Double-click this tool to choose Show layer color, Show fill color, or Show path direction. (See: Showing Object Fill or Wireframe)

If you want to Zoom, Pan or Fill without selecting the tool before each use, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the Zoom ToolZoomMagnify.png and uncheck Resume previous tool after zooming once.


  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  • Click Tools tab.
  • Select Zoom in the list.
  • Uncheck Resume previous tool after zooming once.
  • Click OK.

mceclip1.png            mceclip3.png


Zoom Shortcuts

There are a few ways to zoom or pan without needing to use the tools on the View Toolbar

Zoom: This will activate the Zoom In tool, allowing you to click once to zoom in where you clicked.

Zoom In or Out: Hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel. This will zoom in or out toward your mouse cursor.

Center Mouse Button: This will allow you to pan around just by dragging your mouse around, centered on the point where your first clicked your center mouse button.

Pan Dragging: Hold the spacebar down and click and drag. This will activate the Pan View tool as seen above (hand icon), allowing you to click and drag to pan.

You can change these shortcuts in the Workspace Editor, accessed by going to File > Workspaces > Customize... and then selecting Tools in the drop down and finding the View Toolbar.

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