Closing Files

There are a few ways to close Flexi Files. Whatever way you choose to close flexi, if your document has been changed since the time it was last saved, a dialog box will display asking if you want to save the current document.

  • Click Yes to save the document before closing it.
  • Click No to close the document without saving.
  • Click Cancel to exit the closing procedure.

Close the File

  • File > Close
  • X icon near top right
    • Don't confuse this icon with the the X above it, that one will close the whole program.
    • This is only for the current file. If there are other files open already, those ones will be opened.

Close the Program

  • File > Exit
  • Click the X icon in the very top right

This will close the entire program, and all files will be closed. If any of them have not been saved yet, you will be prompted for each one that hasn't been saved.

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