Effects Menu and Overview

The Effects menu is a list of effects and features you can apply to your artwork and output.

The Primary thing to know here is that DesignCentral will update with a list of options and parameters for each effect. Refer to each specific effect for DesignCentral options.

To clear an effect you've applied, you can do one of two things:

  • First, Select the object
    • Go to Effects > Clear [Effect name] or
    • Right Click and select Clear [Effect Name]
      mceclip4.png        mceclip3.png

Some effects can be separated from their parent object after having been applied, allowing them to become their own objects. You can achieve this in two ways:

  • First, Select the object
    • Go to Effects > Separate [Effect Name] or
    • Right Click and select Separate [Effect Name]
      mceclip5.png        mceclip7.png
  • If this option is grayed out, this function does not work with that effect.

Effect Menu Options

  • Combine: Combine - Combines or cuts multiple vector objects
  • Lens: Lens Effect - Turns an object into a lens with various effects such as magnify
  • Stripe: Stripe Effects - Turns a vector object into Stripes
  • Outline: Outlines - Applies an outline to an object
  • Contour Cut: Contour Cut Lines - Applies a contour cut line for use with a cutter plotter
  • Contour Cut Marks: Contour Cut Marks for Design - Applies contour cut marks to the design
  • Page Contour Cut Mark/Rectangle to Contour Cut Mark: Rectangle/Page Contour Cut Marks - Applies contour cut marks inside of the document area or a rectangle
  • Trim Mark: Trim Marks - Applies trim marks around objects
  • Underbase: Underbase - Applies an underbase below an object for printing
  • Finisher: Finisher Effect - Applies a finisher effect above an object for printing
  • Distort: Distort Effect - Distorts an object into a new shape.
  • Shadow: Shadow Effect - Applies a shadow effect below an object
  • Color Trapping: Color Trapping- Applies a color trapping effect for layered printing
  • Blend:  Blending Effect - Morphs a vector object into another
  • Engraving: (coming soon) - Create an engrave toolpath on a vector object for engraving
  • Rhinestone Fill: Rhinestone Fill - Apply an array of rhinestone dots for drilling



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