Finisher Effect

The Finisher effect defines a coating that will cover an area of the design and protect it from scratches and UV. The finish can be applied as a rectangle covering an entire area of the design, or as a shape that follows the outlines of the design.

After a finish area is created, the area and the objects it was created for become a single compound object. These make use the Finisher Spot Color. This spot color is device dependent, but the vast majority of devices that support Finishing use it. If you use a different color for a finisher, it MUST be a Spot Color.


Rectangular Finisher Shape Finisher
  • Select the desired objects.
  • From the Effects menu, point to Finisher and select Rectangular or Shape Finisher .
    • The Finisher tab appears in DesignCentral.
  • Select the finisher spot color from the dropdown list. Usually this is already populated with the correct spot color.
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