Rhinestone Fill

The Rhinestone Fill effect allows you to quickly create rhinestone patterns. These are often used for machines that create drill patterns.



To create a Rhinestone pattern:

  • Select the object or text you created
  • Go to Effects > Rhinestone
  • Choose the type of Rhinestone pattern in the drop down menu in DesignCentral
  • Change the necessary parameters and click applymceclip6.png.

The following parameters can be adjusted:

mceclip0.png Hole Style
mceclip1.png Dot Diameter. Changes the size of the Rhinestone dot.
mceclip2.png Offset. Select whether the Rhinestone dots will be on, outside or inside the object border.
mceclip3.png Hole Distance. Changes the distance from one hole to the next
mceclip4.png Row Distance. Changes the distance between one row of dots and the next.
mceclip5.png Select the color for your Rhinestone dots


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