Flexi Complete New Features

User Interface


Added ability to choose the Flexi theme

  • Added the option to choose between several themes in the preferences menu. 
    • Light Blue, Dark, Gray, Silver, Aqua and Legacy


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Full screen mode

  • Under the view menu added "full screen" and "full screen with menu" view options. F11 and F12 keyboard shortcuts will toggle between views.


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Files tabs at the bottom of the screen 

  • Improved File/Tab Visibility: Displaying File Names in the Bottom of the Flexi Window. You can switch between open files by clicking on the tab with the file name.


Enhanced visibility of hidden tools in collapsed toolbar

  • When a toolbar is collapsed an additional button will appear at the end of the tool bar. When pressing the button, a drop-down list containing the missing tools appears.


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Added Save As icon to standard toolbar  


Added option to change filename when using Send to RasterLink 


Added option to Exclude CC paths when using Send to Onyx


Job Estimation dialog box can be scaled

• Added the ability to scale the Job Estimation window by dragging the sides and corners of the window.


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Show number of selected objects in the status bar


Added slider to change Artboard background contrast

• Contrast can be changed from Transparent to gray. Artboard color will not be printed or exported.


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File import/export

• PDF Export: Added options to change color space on file Export. Export as Original color space, RGB or CMYK
• PDF Export: Export Lab colors from pdf file as RGB. PDF file with LAB colors cannot be properly preview by some apps.


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Updated Color Libraries 

• Roland Green Color System Library
• PANTONE® Color Bridge Coated V5
• PANTONE® Color Bridge Uncoated V5
• The new color number assignments range from 6001-6224
• Added color swatch for 4TEX 
• Updated Metamark 7 Series swatch library


Added CutContour color swatch 

• Each CutContour spot color is different now. It will be easier for user to know difference between different types of cc lines. 
• Added spot White and Clear to the Default Swatch


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Find Color tool available on right click

• Right click on the object with solid color. Select Find Color, Color Specs dialog box will open to Find tab


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Dynamic color which contains colors from the open document

• When file is open or imported, dynamic color swatch will be placed on the bottom of the screen to show all the colors used in the document.
• Under Flexi/View menu there is new option for Show Used Colors Swatch.
• If adding colors to design, you can right click on color swatch and select Synchronize with document.


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Select and Delete tool added to the Select toolbar

• Select and Delete tool is available on Select toolbar. When using the tool object will be deleted when clicked on with Select and Delete too. This too is useful if user needs to delete many small objects from the design.


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Preferences option for Select Within tool to stay active until changed “regular select tool”

• Currently the Select Within tool is active until you click on the empty area on the artboard. With this option selected it will stay active until user changes it to a “regular” selection tool.



Added keyboard shortcuts for mask and unmask


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Finishing Tools in Designer

• Bleed, Fold and Gromets, so called “banner finishing tools”, are now also available in Designer.
• Tools are under the Effects menu


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Added ability to rasterize in CMYK color mode



Create Weed Paths in Designer

• Draw patch by either Bezier Path Tool or Freehand Drawing tool over vector object. Go to Arrange menu and select Create Weed Path Tool


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Send files directly to cutter controller software when port is set to file

• When the cutter is controlled by cutter controller software (e.g. GoProduce, ZCC..). There is no need to hold the job in queue and then send it from PM to the cutter when print is finished. For all cutters that have port set as file, we can now send jobs directly to controller software at the same 􀆟me as print job is sent. Hold Contour Job check box is checked if you still want to keep cut job in the PM queue a􀅌er it is sent to the cutter. Same function is available in PM on workflow tab.


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Add Contour Cut path preview in PM for cut paths created in Production Manager

• In previous versions, CutContours could be added but not previewed by themselves. Now users can preview just the CutContours if needed. 


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Added Tile Nesting to R&P window

• This tool was only available in Production Manager previously. It will let you nest in a more effective way tilled parts of the job.


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Changed "Open Template" wording to "Edit Template"

  •  Changed: File/Templates/Open Template command to File/Templates/Edit Template “Edit Template” better reflects the functionality of the tool.


Import Job Info/Customer

• User can Save customer info to xml file, load customer info from xml file or import customer info from another Flexi Document.



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Warning message can be added to the Job Information

• In the Job Information dialog box, a user can add warning message and chose to display message when file is sent to print or to cut from Rip and Print window.


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Job Info Custom Field

• Added ability to Delete custom fields. Edit/Job Info/Custom Field.


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Production Manager


Large preview for Job Properties Window


Full Screen layout preview in Production Manager


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Nesting Improvements

• Couple options are for nesting are added to Edit/Preferences for manual nesting

• After nesting group of jobs user can delete jobs from the group by selecting job in JP preview tapping delete on keyboard.
• Adjust position of job in nested group by tapping arrow keys on the keyboard
• Users can manually overlap jobs in the nested group.
• Add zoom to page button to JP dialog preview. Especially for Flatbed printers it is useful to preview the full sheet, also added “zoom out” button.

• Add “snapping lines when manually moving job in the group.


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Add device "left origin" on Default Job Properties


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Match size for front and back side when submitting sandwich job

• If you want to create layered job from files that are not identical in size and after assigning white and color layers, dialog box for adjusting layer size will be shown. You can size to fit, Scale or add white space around.



Display License Information for Timed Licenses in PM 

• License Expires in X Days, message is shown on the PM task bar


Show file names on mouse over in Production Manager Job Properties 


Show number of files selected on PM status bar


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Search Filter in Add Setup dialog box


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Smoothing edge for solid under spot to transparency mask.
Show Transparency Mask option


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Show update notification 

• If an update is available, we will show dialog box “Updates Available.
• Customer can go Download Page and download the update.
• Or they can postpone notification for a day, week or one month.



License Manager messaging change to better reflect the license status. When users click on Check For License update

• For expired license it will show message “The license has expired on (date). Please visit SAi cloud to manage your license”.

• For license that is up to date it will show “Your license is already up to date”.
• If license had and updated, like new option or expiry date, message would say “Your license has been successfully updated”.







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